A bit of fun competition always helps bring up the competitive side in us, and it is this very reason that Ben and I will be challenging each other regularly in order to help improve our own training as well as our programme design to be able to deliver the best training programmes for you.


We will be documenting all our training programmes to learn what works best and we want you to follow along and even give it a go yourself to see if you can get even better gains than us. We are all in this together and want to see you improve alongside us.


Over the next 12 weeks Ben and I will post our exact training programmes that we are using for this current competition.


Ben vs Andrew in DIPS


Who can get the best improvement in the amount they can parallel bar dip for 1-Rep.


Competition rules:


Parallel Bar Dips

The lowering phase must take 4 seconds

Must achieve full lockout at the top


Measure bodyweight and then add additional weight to achieve total weight used.


Initial Scores:


Ben – Bodyweight (71kg) + 75kg = 146kg


Andrew – Bodyweight (67kg) + 60kg = 127kg


The individual that improves their total the most is the WINNER


Continue to tune in as we post videos and articles about what training programmes we are using to increase our respective 1-rep max efforts the parallel dip.


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Let’s get training!!!!!!!!