“I first started training with Andrew in April 2012.  My body had finally decided enough was enough and was giving up on me.  I was unable to walk properly, had had a hip operation and was told there was nothing more that could be done and I would be on canes.  I weighed in at 109 kilos with a height of 5ft 2inches.  I had tried so often on my own to lose the weight with little or no success.

On meeting Andrew, we set some goals – being able to walk without pain was of course the key goal along with losing weight and feeling better.  Andrew is much more than just a personal trainer – he looks at all aspects of life.

Without Andrew’s help and knowledge, I’m not sure I would be where I am today – 67  kilos with 7 kilos to final goal weight.  I take no medication, go for 2-hour+ walks on the weekend and understand my stress levels and their effect on the body.  

I can’t recommend Andrew enough.”

Kerry Goodway

“Andrew has so much knowledge and is always willing to share his thoughts and answer any questions– but at the same time is always keen to listen to what I have to say and to learn more about the world of a triathlete and how he can help me to improve my times which improved dramatically over the time I’ve trained with him. No matter what, Andrew always stays focused on the task at hand – making sure you have perfect technique and that you are continuously pushing your limits. I look forward to my sessions with Andrew as there are always plenty of laughs, knowledge sharing, and I come away feeling awesome. I would (and have) recommend Andrew to friends no matter what level they are training at.”

Anthea Morrison

“Andrew has really helped my fitness goals over the last three years. When I started training with him I was building up to a black belt grading in Taekwon-Do. I had old injuries that I was dealing with that had caused some basic structural imbalances and poor movement patterns when doing squatting and deadlifts. Andrew has worked hard with me on correcting and improving my basic movement patterns and imbalances, the results have been outstanding! My strength, flexibility and imbalances have improved markedly. My constant lower back pain has now disappeared completely and my Taekwon-Do training has improved massively. I have been nothing but impressed with Andrews knowledge, experience and professional training methods. I am pushed to my limits at times during the sessions but Andrew motivates me through the ‘pain’ with some good humour. I can thoroughly recommend Andrew at Bodylean for anyone wanting to recover from injury or to help attain their fitness and training goals.”

John Van Gorp

“Andrew really knows his stuff training-wise and is great to work with.  He’s attentive, helps you train smart and knows just what to say to help you get the best out of yourself. Andrew helped me to experience just how great lifting heavy makes you feel, as well as making me significantly stronger and more defined in a just a few months of training.  He also knows a lot about nutrition and the role of hormones in health, and can help you with practical advice in these areas too.”

Rebecca Speirs


Andrew has been my trainer for 6 years – having had 2 hip replacements in that period I could not of had a faster recovery if it had not been for his expert knowledge . I had total trust in being able to push myself without injury.
                    – Cushla Roughton

“I can highly recommend Andrew Grimwood as a trainer. I’ve worked with him for 5 + years. 
Professional, results focussed and an all round great guy!”

                    – Abby Woolaston

“I think the key to wanting to make changes in your life is to have a personal trainer with whom you can communicate effectively, trust implicitly that he has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals, and know that he cares about you. 

I’ve trained with Andrew for six and a half years and in that time I’ve completely changed my lifestyle and my outlook on life. I’ve lost 15kg and actually look forward to exercising and eating healthily. Andrew is a talented trainer and I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for him. He is inspiring, passionate about what he does and totally professional.”

– Jude Phillips

“I’ve been trained by Andrew for the past 6 years. His well thought out programmes and empathetic style have combined to keep me healthy, active and motivated. At 60, with Andrews’s supportive training schedules ,  I’m still enjoying  an active lifestyle including regular tennis, surfing, skiing and golf.  Training with Andrew has had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing, both mental and physical. I recommend Andrew’s services to anyone who is wanting to improve their physical fitness, young or old, professional or rank amateur.  No matter who you are Andrew will be able to make a difference.”

– Nigel Moody

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