So Andrew and I are in a competition to see who can most improve their dipping strength most.

If you followed our earlier post here you will know Andrew and I are competing to see who can improve their dip most.

My initial lift was at 71kg body weight and I added 75kg to the dip for one rep – a total of 146kg.  That was with a 4 second lowering phase, all the way to the bottom and with lock out at the top.  I surprised myself!

Ultimately I’d like to reach a solid 80kg dip.  Andrew is gunning for an 8kg increase in 12 weeks so I should really be aiming for 84kg+ to beat him.  Alright, F-it I’ll go for 85kg.



Andrew and I both had similar ideas on keeping the reps higher for the first phase.  It’s a great strategy to really groove the technique of an exercise before really ramping up the weights.  I’ve opted for the below:

4 x 11 – 13 reps @ 3010 tempo with 90 seconds rest.

Obviously this is quite a high rep range for strength.  I will complete only two weeks of this before dropping the reps down to 7 – 9 and increasing the sets to 5.  I wanted lots of volume to really groove this movement pattern.

Having done mostly 5 reps and below for the last 3 months the sudden increase in volume has been tough.  The first week my shoulders felt very tired but now I’m feeling great.

Next phase I am going bring the reps down further and experiment with increasing how often I dip from 2 days to 3 days per week.

Now, I’m not really doing anything else specifically around my dip because my current phase is a cutting phase.  The volume of my other workouts is too high to add anything additional so we’ll see how that goes.  Maybe I’ll have to argue on ‘best increase in weight relative to body weight’ and aim for a 76kg dip at 64kg or something.

Till next time,